Agreement inked for the supply of sustainable electricity at Kamsar port

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Guinea Alumina Corporation (GAC), a subsidiary of EGA, and Electricité de Guinée (EDG) signed a contract to ensure a sustainable supply of 10 megawatts to their operations at Kamsar port.

According to EGA, the proposed connection will produce 26 million kilowatt hours annually. Which will be a big step towards sustainable growth. GAC is in the process of contemplating a switch to hydroelectric electricity from diesel generators, which it now uses. Eventually, GAC wants to switch from fossil fuels to sustainable energy sources in order to reduce carbon emissions by one-fifth. In a press statement, GAC CEO Steeve Tremblay stated that the agreement offered significant benefits for a variety of parties.

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Remarks on the partnership to ensure a sustainable supply at Kamsar port

He said, “Our partnership with EDG proves our dedication to ethical corporate conduct. By switching to hydroelectric power, we will not only lessen our impact on the environment but also help Guinea’s infrastructure and economy improve, which will reinforce our support for the country.”

According to GAC, the deal demonstrates the company’s commitment to pursuing and attaining Guinea’s aim of sustainable industrial development. According to the firm, the relationship between the two enterprises will be critical in bringing Guinea’s economic progress forward.

GAC operates a mining concession covering 266 square miles in northwest Guinea. However, the concession is anticipated to contain 400 million metric tons of bauxite ore. The bauxite ore mined there is shipped by rail to Kamsar for export. GAC’s concession bauxite ore has a substantially greater alumina-to-silica ratio than usual, as well as a lower proportion of boehmite. Furthermore, GAC claims that the unique qualities of its bauxite allow it to be processed by a wide range of alumina refineries at a variety of temperatures.