10 million Euro Licor Beirão alcohol factory to be set up in Lousa Portugal

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A 10 million Euro Licor Beirão alcohol factory to be set up in Portugal in the Alto do Padrao industrial zone in Lousa to sustain growing of the brand at the international level according to the general director of the company. The construction works is going to have a surface area covering ten thousand square metres and is set to be started at the end of the year. The liquor enterprise has hopes of having it started to run within a period of two years.

According to Daniel Redondo, the general director , the Licor Beirão alcohol factory project was being finalized and they had an urgency of getting it off the ground as soon as possible. Furthermore, he further stated that the new production unit of the alcohol factory in Portugal would get to offer employment opportunities to 40 people if the operations kicked off at cruising speed. Redondo stated that their factory would probably have to answer the need to improve its capacity in production at a time when they are in a hurry to grow their brand at the international level.

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The director also further stated need for a bigger storage zone for their dry products. He also stated that there would be some production of specific products, new filling lines and new processes for finishing bottles , some new ideas and innovation in bottling, which would eventually allow their products to be manufactured at the rate they wish for. All this would be met once the new branch of the alcohol factory in Portugal would be set up.

The ten million would be used in constructing the new factory and purchase of its new equipment and this is the major investment of the company at the moment betting on an aim of carving a market share outside Portugal.

Recently the brand has been carrying out its business in Spain and wishes to grow its business in other European countries like France and Germany where it already has some presence. For Daniel Redondo this project is more of a marathon and one difficult process.

The Impact of the Licor Beirão alcohol factory in Portugal on Tourism growth

“It’s a very specific brand and we’ll be gaining consumers bit by bit, who understand and value Portuguese culture,” he clarified, noting the big connection between Licor Beirão and Portuguese identity. For the director, the brand is such a Portugese brand and would also enable the company itself to benefit out of tourism that would be carried out in Portugal.