Alentejo Public Housing Project to be Set up Soon in Portugal

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Alentejo Public Housing Project is set to begin soon as 13 municipalities in the Intermunicipal Community of the Baixo Alentejo (CIMBAL)  have decided to set up plans to set up affordable housing by the year  of the Baixo Alentejo to set up affordable housing by the year 2030. The major aim of this initiative is to fight the fall in population numbers that has been experienced in the region in the recent years.

Investing in the Alentejo Public Housing Project

This investment is just a mere portion of the plans of the Alentejo Public Housing Project Inter municipal Plan for the Promotion of Affordable Housing in Baixo Alentejo (PIPHA-BA), and it is going to cost approximately 22.5 million euros. This strategy has been taken so as to create and come up with an inter municipal affordable housing exchange whose major aim is population that is working and those who have intermediate homes. The access of affordable housing has become quite an issue in Alentejo because of the less houses in the rental market and also the prices that are charged for the houses.

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Renovating vacant properties

They also have the intention of deepening the articulation that is between the policy of housing and urban and built rehabilitation, promoting the rehabilitation and people reoccupying the properties that are vacant. The strategy of CIMBAL that covers 13 of the 14 municipalities located in Beja only with an exception of Odemira it is also making an aim to providing affordable housing for renting vis a vis developing of another 120 public fundings. The housing is intended to have been set up by the year 2026 and it would cost approximately 15 million euros basing the fact that a single house shall cost 125,000 euros.

Private residences for support of the  public housing

The establishment of another 330 residents is yet another step for the PIPHABA as 230 homes will be established through tenants occupying again the vacant buildings. The remaining total of 60 homes will be constructed but the costs will be regulated so that the homes can be sold off or rented at an affordable price to their respective tenants. The investment that will be put in this is going to reach approximately 7.5 million euros.