Restoration of Belle Vue house in Amherstburg, Canada

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 Belle Vue  house in Amherstburg, Canada, needs to be restored and Amherstburg town officials are looking for a developer to restore the house. In the hope that the site will lead to economic opportunity, the town issued an expression of interest earlier this month. Melissa Osborne the Deputy Chief Administrative Officer and Director of Developmental Services stated, “It certainly needs restoration, but that restoration comes with opportunities.

According to the town officials, Belle Vue’s vast grounds are an excellent foundation for development, providing endless opportunities for a profitable venture that combines historic preservation with modern design and functionality. Osborne stated good results are endless, as long as the assets stay available to the public. Osborne said, “This Belle Vue house is a fantastic opportunity for a developer with a vision of making history.

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Restoration of Belle Vue house in Amherstburg, Canada

In 2016, the town raised $1.1 million to acquire the Belle Vue House and the property on Dalhousie Street. Robert Reynolds, the deputy assistant commissary famous at Fort Malden, constructed the residence between 1816 and 1819. Osborne said that the pandemic paused the plans that were there to make Belle Vue a delivery of income for residents while noting that the roof was modified in 2018. Belle Vue House is a structurally sound building but it needs a lot of work to look good again, but it has the foundations already in place to do so she said.

 In a press release, Mayor Michael Prue said, “Those with the vision and expertise to embark on a truly remarkable project are beckoned by the Belle Vue’s house vast potential. We want to form a partnership with a creative and experienced developer who shares our dedication to preserving the Belle Vue’s historical significance and constructing a development that will revitalize our community and draw visitors from all over the world. The Council’s focus is on the restoration of the building and ensuring it has public access. The council is also open to those who want to take over the property as well.

The submission dead line is August 16, 2023