First children’s hospice in Swanbourne, Western Australia receives approval

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After years of deliberation, Approval granted for the first children’s hospice in children’s hospice in Swanbourne Western Australia. The WA Planning Commission convened a crucial development meeting to review the proposal for the seven-bed facility in Swanbourne, situated within the City of Nedlands at Allen Park.

The hospice aims to offer round the clock care for children who have life limiting illnesses. In a home like environment rather, than a clinical one. It will feature amenities such, as a hydrotherapy pool play areas and gardens.

Ian Campbell, the chair of Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation expressed gratitude, for the support from the WA community towards the hospice.

“We have poured our hearts and souls into planning and designing this hospice and we are thrilled that it has now received approval for development “ Campbell stated.

Our unwavering commitment is to create a top notch environment, for these deserving children. Over the 18 months we have carefully engaged in a planning process to identify and address any possible risks.

Construction cost for the children’s hospice in in Swanbourne

The estimated construction cost of the children’s hospice in in Swanbourne is $33 million, and the project is expected to be completed in approximately two years. The facilities to be built include a memorial garden, therapy and clinical spaces, and accommodation for up to 10 families.

Premier Roger Cook expressed his enthusiasm, for the facilitys approval describing it as a achievement for the people of Western Australia.

According to Mr. Cook, this hospice with its design and location will undoubtedly have a profound impact on West Australian families who are navigating through one of lifes most difficult journeys.

He eagerly anticipates witnessing the completion of this facility and how it will provide comfort and support to children, parents, siblings and other loved ones during their times.

Planning Minister John Carey referred to this approval as an instance of a proposal of significance, to the state that can successfully undergo a centralized referral process.

The Childrens Hospice, In Western Australia will become the hospice in the country. Alongside Bear Cottage in New South Wales Very Special Kids in Victoria and Hummingbird House in Queensland it will provide care for children.

Once the approval from the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) is obtained a head contractor will be selected  in late 2023. The construction phase is anticipated to generate 120 employment opportunities. More details, about the construction schedule will be made available in the coming months.

The area of land covering 5000 square metres was formerly occupied by the Swanbourne Bowling Club and can be found within an A-class reserve. The State Government separated this reserve from the City of Nedlands.

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