Australia’s Ship Lift Facility Project Awards Construction Contract

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Australia’s Ship Lift Facility Project has officially awarded its construction contract to the Clough-BMD Joint Venture. A news release stated that the businesses that collectively form the Joint Venture, have proven their capabilities. The Northern Territory Government stated that its development will commence soon.

As a whole, the facility’s location will be at Darwin’s East Arm. Its width will span 26 meters wide and 103 meters in length. In total, the development will have four wet berths for in-water maintenance. Additionally, it will feature 20 hectares of hardstand area for further maintenance works as well as ship repair.

Back in 2018, the NT government received a project loan of $300 million from the Federal Government’s Northern Australian Investment Facility. While commenting on the project, the CEO of Clough said that its construction intends to meet both current and long-term needs of the Department of Defense and the Australian Border Force. Furthermore, Peter Bennett noted that the facility also targets to meet the requirements of the general fishing as well as maritime sector.

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Australia’s Ship Lift Facility Project Capacity

Quite impressively, Australia’s Ship Lift Facility Project boasts the capacity to lift vessels of up to 5,500 tonnes. Its extensive potential, also enables the facility to handle the newly procured fleet of offshore patrol vessels, by the Australian Defense Force.

An official statement further revealed that in June, 3D hydraulic modeling and navigation simulation for the development were complete. The NT Government added that the project received EPA-granted approvals a month later, in July, this year. Territory Development Minister highlighted that over the past 12 months, immense efforts have gone towards ensuring the project begins as soon as possible. As a result of its construction, about 250 employment opportunities will be present. Additionally, it is predicted that an average of 100 workers will be on-site throughout.

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