Australia’s Outback Way Project Announces Construction Milestone

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Australia’s Outback Way Project made an announcement confirming that a major construction milestone has been achieved. The development, having commenced, over two decades ago, signaled that its completion is finally on the horizon.

As a whole, the Outback Way stands as the region’s key freight route. Moreover, for remote areas, the road development infrastructure holds the potential to open up the country. Additionally, surrounding communities will gain the benefit of receiving connection, to new opportunities.

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Australia’s Outback Way Project Total Length

In total, Australia’s Outback Way Project stretches 2,720 kilometers. It spans from Winton in Queensland, to Laverton in Western Australia. Furthermore, its series of connecting roads cut through Central Australia. This, in turn, enables the highway to provide a direct route from the East to the West. Thus, the project is also known as ‘Australia’s longest shortcut’. According to an official statement, about 1,520 kilometers have been complete, with 1,200 kilometers of the route due for sealing. 

The Western Australian and Federal Governments allocated $678 million in funding for the completion of the remaining sections. In total, the Western Australian section received $400 million with the Western Australian Government contributing an additional $100 million. On the other hand, the Queensland section received a $154 million funding allocation. Overall, the funding is reported to significantly contribute to the project’s 25-year-long journey. General Manager of the Outback Highway Development Council (OHDC) welcomed the investment, stating it is a moment in history.

While further speaking about the project, the General Manager also noted that the current unsealed sections pose several safety issues such as accidents, endangering drivers. Moreover, Mel Forbes said that the dirt and gravel roads are prone to erosion, meaning that they are risky almost, throughout the year. Therefore, the funding and project as a whole, will essentially elevate its condition and result in a boost in travelling for residents and tourists.