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Bahir Dar City administration launch new water supply improvement project that will enable 150,000 city residents to get access to clean water. The Water and Energy Bureau of the region carried out $16 million construction project funded by the government of Japan.

The project includes 9 well points with total water storage capacity of 6.9 million liters. Additionally, the project will be fitted with pump stations and pipelines. President of the Amhara National Regional State Dr. Yilkal Kefale and Japan’s Ambassador ITO Takako jointly inaugurated the project. Additionally, Dires Sahilu, Mayor of Bahir Dar City and Mamaru Ayalew, Head of Amhara Water and Energy Bureau also attended. The project was inaugurated on Thursday in a ceremony attended by Finance Minister Ahmed Shide.

The lake-side city serves the capital city of the Amhara National Regional State. Moreover, the city has close to 400, 000 residents, per the city admin data. The newly opened water project is aimed at increasing the water supply in the city. Noteworthy, the project will help to prevent water-borne diseases, the Embassy of Japan says.

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The Government of Japan has been actively supporting the development of Ethiopia and contributing to the improvement of people’s lives. Importantly this will be achieved through various schemes, particularly in the fields of agriculture, infrastructure, industry, education and health.

Bahir water project significance to food security

The water project will additionally increase food supply of the landlocked country through irrigation. Additionally, this will reduce food crisis experienced by the harsh climatic conditions faced in the landlocked country. “Japan will continue to support Ethiopia’s development efforts through various Japanese Assistance Projects as well as through other modalities of assistance,” the embassy noted.

The project will create many direct jobs to the locals of Bahir Dar City. Additionally, there will be more indirect job opportunities created through actualization of the project. Furthermore, the water project will immensely grow the economy of Ethiopia though irrigation projects.