Bairro do Baovista complex set to be renovated in Portugal

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Bairro do Boavista construction works kicked off on Tuesday, 27 June the year 2023. The work of this area has been proceeded until 2026 and shall take place in a total of 34 buildings and approximately 700 units as stated by the company Gebalis of Lisbon Municipal Housing Lease Management. This first stage which is going to be completed by the coming end of the year will entail the works of conservation on a total of 16 buildings that contain 448 apartments.

The coming second stage will be executed between the year 2024 and 2026 and will also further entail of conservation works that will be conducted on another total of 18 buildings and to include approximately 250 units.

Funding 40 million euros for the Morar Melhor programme to also go to Bairro do Baovista Complex

The rehabilitation and conservation works of this housing complex that is situated in Bairro da Baovista is found in Benfica parish and is a portion of the Morar Melhor programme in which the company of Gebalis foresees to conduct works in a total of 11 neighbourhoods, 129 buildings and over 2,000 fractions. Furthermore, a total funding of 40 million euros as an amount that has been established in the programme contract was signed by the Lisbon City Hall will be valid for the period between the year 2022 and 2026.

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As Gebalis pointed out This complex of Bairro da Baovista has a population that is around 3200  and approximately a total of 1400 municipal housing units. After a period of around a decade Gebalis is going to currently commence with this Morar Melhor programme rehabilitation works in this complex.

Since the start of the month, Morar Melhor programme has already commenced to make impacts in the neighbourhoods of Alfinetes, in Padre Cruz, Marvila and Carnide. Furthermore Gebalis also pointed out that the programme is going to reach the João Nascimento Costa neighborhood that is located in Beato.