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The upcoming new Boeing production facility will produce the MQ-28 Ghost Bat marking Australia’s first combat airplane to be produced, developed and designed domestically in more than five decades.

Boeing’s groundbreaking new production facility in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia has commenced construction, marking a momentous advancement in the country’s aerospace sector. This cutting-edge facility will play a pivotal role in producing Australia’s inaugural military combat aircraft in more than fifty years—the MQ-28 Ghost Bat.


The decision to start this project comes after the Australian Department of Defense revealed plans to invest an AU$400 million (US$261 million) in enhancing the MQ 28 Ghost Bat. Amy List, who leads Boeing Defense Australia emphasized the company’s dedication, to providing cutting edge technologies to address the changing requirements of their clients. List expressed, “The MQ 28 aims to revolutionize warfare and offer cost support, for Australia and its partners.”

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Construction timeline for the new Boeing production facility in Australia

Spanning over 9,000 square meters, the facility is strategically located within the Wellcamp Aerospace and Defence Precinct. Its completion is anticipated within the next three years, signaling a promising future for the region’s aerospace sector. Boeing’s latest investment in Australia promises to introduce cutting-edge aerospace skillsets and technologies to Queensland, including advanced composites manufacturing and robotics.

Boeing is teaming up with the Queensland Government and Wagner Corporation to set up its assembly plant outside North America. This move highlights Boeings perspective and firm commitment, to nurturing an aerospace sector in Australia. Wagner Corporation will lead the construction of the facility in Toowoomba focusing on eco building practices and integrating technologies along, with people oriented design concepts.

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Upon completion, the MQ-28 production facility will boast state-of-the-art aerospace manufacturing capabilities. These include carbon fiber composites manufacture, advanced robotic assembly for major components, and final assembly and test capabilities. The facility’s cutting-edge infrastructure aligns with Boeing’s commitment to driving innovation and excellence in aerospace manufacturing.

Boeing Australia’s rich legacy spans over 97 years, solidifying its position as a pioneering force in the region’s aerospace landscape. With a workforce of 4,800 employees, Boeing Australia operates across a diverse aerospace portfolio encompassing advanced manufacturing, defense, services, and research and development. The company’s operations are underpinned by a thriving Australian supply chain and a steadfast commitment to fostering partnerships with organizations supporting veterans, STEM education, and local communities.

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Boeings decision to invest in the MQ-28 Ghost Bat production facility in Australia marks an advancement, for Australia’s aerospace sector. As the construction moves forward the facility is set to boost not Australia’s defense potential. Also fuel economic development and encourage innovation in the area. With its commitment, to quality and teamwork Boeing Australia is well positioned to keep influencing the future of aerospace in Australia and globally.

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