Sydney approves the first indoor ski resort in Australia

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When after eight years of site research, the construction is to start on Australia’s first indoor ski resort which will establish a snow field in Sydney operating 365 days.

This development dubbed Winter Sports World (WSW) is called the Giant Esky and will have a 300m ski run, an ice rink, thermal pools snow play area as well as facilities for ice climbing. With a variety of restaurants, conference and function rooms; as well as a 4.5 star hotel with 170 accommodation units in the complex – visitors will be incentivized to stay longer.

Its stakeholders trust that the new resort can attract global snow sports stars with world-class facilities for different forms of snow sport.


On Thursday, it was revealed that the plans to build a winter resort complex on 2ha in Penrith (55 km west of Sydney) by WSW had been approved by NSW Department of Planning and Environment.


It is likely that it will create a major economic boost in the Western Sydney and employ about 1350 construction jobs aside from another 1350 permanent one, adding around $220 million every year to its local economy.

While the project has been through a lengthy planning stage that started eight years ago, its developers have remained consistent by seeing their plans come to reality.

WSW managing director Peter Magnisalis had made a State Significant Development Application to NSW Department of Planning and Environment in June 2018.

Construction Cost

He commented accepting development approval for the monster $400m indoor snow resort was a major relief.

“First time since eight years WSW is not just a good idea in the clouds, but reality and on way to bring snow fields to Sydney,” said Magnisalis.

It has been consuming everything that is me for years now and will remain so. I am eager to have it constructed.”

Magnisalis was quoted as saying in an interview on Today that the resort’s entrance fee would be “relatively low” for visitors.

We haven’t quite figured it all out but our idea is that everyone from every walk of life should be able to afford [it].

The project will need a couple of more barriers before it can break for the construction ground.

The Penrith site has to go through the intricate process of build-and engineering before installing supporting infrastructure and preparing for foundations, meanwhile a global search will commence in order ro secure materials, resources and labour for such an exceptional development

This includes identifying the construction company that will supervise this development, getting snow-making machines and ski lifts in place, finding restaurant and hotel owners for operation purposes as well as securing designers and artists needed to dress up every aspect of these resorts.

“But we have to pause for a moment in this critical preparation phase so that the project is done properly before it can raise its head above ground”, said Magnisalis.

He stated that this project will definitely be a world-wide undertaking.

WSW is intended to feature the best-quality snow on earth as an indoor ice sports resort.

The snowy indoor resort has been designed by a Sydney-based architecture firm coined as Collins & Turner and is inspired from the cold with an intention of manifesting what blizzard looks like in daytime visuals, while at night tells story about melting ice that came off mountain through its “ice shards” façade.

WSW also will work as a net-zero carbon facility with measures designed to mitigate emissions during construction and when it is fully functioning.

These involve nullying the onsite use of fossil fuels, creating set up renewable and green energy resource in site with regard to carbon offsetting for the remaining emissions.

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