Construction of Social Housings in Burundi to Start this Year

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The implementation of the planned social housing project in Burundi will start this year according to the Minister of Infrastructure, Dieudonné Dukundane. This project is in line with the country’s vision for 2040, under which a total of 530,000 new homes will be built over the next 16 years. According to Minister Dukundane, 33,000 new homes will be built each year.

Building plans are underway for all social housing construction spaces. The government will reportedly devise mechanisms for land procurement and the banks will grant low-interest credits for the site.

While announcing the project, Dieudonné Dukundane requested possible buyers to sign an agreement before the start of construction saying, “We will build homes for people with whom we have an agreement.” Moreover, the Minister insisted technology will be used to guarantee the homes are not dominated by small groups of people.

Social Housings in Burundi: Development of 292 residences in Kizingwe-Bihara

Approximately, 5292 residences will be built on the Kizingwe-Bihara site for an amount of more than 280 billion Burundian francs. These social housing properties will be built in different blocks, including 52 blocks of 5 levels. Additionally, there will be 3,120 apartments of type 1, 72 blocks of 5 levels with 1,440 apartments of type 2. Additional 66 blocks of 5 levels with 660 apartments in type 3, as well as 72 VIP apartments, will also be built.

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Regarding prices, each house will be acquired according to its category. For instance, the type 1 departments will be bought for an amount between 33 and 35 million BIF each. Type 2 departments will be procured for an amount of just over 60 million. Additionally, type 3 departments will be obtained for an amount of just over 70 million. Moreover, the VIP departments will cost north of 430 million.

40% of Burundians to live in cities by 2040

Reportedly, 12% of the country’s population currently lives in cities (1,700,000 people). The Minister of Infrastructure declared the State anticipates in the 2040 vision, 40% of Burundians will live in cities.