Tendering process for Mpanda hydroelectric power station in Burundi launched 

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The Burundi government has launched tendering process for Mpanda hydroelectric power station project. This is an exciting opportunity for companies in the energy sector to contribute to the development of renewable energy infrastructure in East Africa.

The tender is divided into two lots. The first lot comprises of design and construction of the 10 MW Mpanda hydroelectric power station.  Therefore, the selected company will be responsible for the detailed design of the power station and its associated infrastructure. Additionally, its construction and commissioning lie under the first lot.

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The second lot covers the design and construction of the interconnection infrastructure.  The interconnection infrastructure includes a 27 km 33 kV transmission line between the power station and the Rubirizi substation. Interested companies have until 25 July 2023 to apply for one or both lots of the tender.

Implementation of the project

The project will be actualized through a public-private partnership (PPP) between the Burundian government and Mpanda Hydro Power.

Hydroneo East Africa strategies to invest US $43.5M in the construction of the Hydroelectric Power Station. Additionally, the project has received support from investment consultancy Finergreen and the Renewable Energy Performance Platform (REPP). REPP is a renewable energy financing platform funded by the UK government.

Hydroneo has already engaged in a power purchase agreement (PPA) with REGIDESO. Mpanda hydroelectric plant will thus supply 10% of electricity in the network of Burundi’s Water and electricity production and distribution company (REGIDESO).  This will enhance and contribute to Burundi’s electricity generation capacity.


Once the project starts, the construction and commissioning phase is expected to take between 12 and 18 months. During and after the construction phase, the Mpanda hydroelectric power station project will create many direct and indirect job opportunities for the locals. Additionally, it will improve the local economy by attracting foreign exchange.