Call for tender set to be launched for 120MW solar plant in Burkina Faso

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At the end of 2023, the Ministry of Energy, Mines, and Quarries of intend to announce a tender for 120MW solar power plant in Burkina Faso with 120MWh of battery storage. The tender will represent the first phase of the solar energy and rural access project known as SOLEER. The SOLEER project aims to procure 325MW of solar projects with 335MWh of battery storage over several phases.

The goal of the project is to help electrify 300 locations in particular rural areas and connect 120,000 families, MSMEs, and community infrastructure to up-to-date, dependable power services.

Through the program, it is believed that Burkina Faso would be able to attract private investment. Totaling more than US$400 million for solar power facilities and battery storage systems.

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Duration for the proposed for 120MW solar plant in Burkina Faso

The projected duration of the consulting agreement is 3.5 years. Five months of support to the project management unit in the network battery contract procurement. Three years, including the warranty period, of control and supervision of the work, and five months of assistance during the warranty period.

In June 2021, the World Bank committed US$168.75 million in funding for the SOLEER project covering the Sustainable rural electrification (US$75 million). As well as Utility-scale solar generation with storage and integration of variable renewables (US$88 million). And Private sector mobilisation for large-scale solar generation (US$5.75 million).

In August, as part of the SOLEER project’s second phase, consultants were asked to indicate their interest in observing. As well as supervising the building of electricity evacuation lines from solar facilities. The consulting engineering company will carefully monitor and control the development of the studies and works for the solar park and the related connection facilities (including grid reinforcement and storage batteries) in order to guarantee coordination, phasing, the management of interfaces, and the consistency of finalization dates.

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