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Chaka Project, second biggest public project in Ethiopia, underway

The implementation of the Chaka Project in Ethiopia is underway. The project, also known as the Forest Project is currently the second biggest public project under implementation in Ethiopia. The first is the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam project.

The state-owned Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation and “e-tollo” are some of the companies working on the project. Others are the Governmental Construction Company of China and the Ethiopian Roads Administration.

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Responsibilities of the aforementioned companies

Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation is working on the construction works of the main national palace at the Chaka Project. The Governmental Construction Company of China on the other hand is working on the construction of the ‘Sky View Hotel’. The hotel is the project’s luxury hotel.

The Ethiopian Roads Administration is undertaking the construction of a road network that stretches from the palace to the Yeka Abaddo residential quarter. As per its contract, the company will build close to 30 km of the road at a cost of 15 billion birrs or its thereabouts. 9kms of the entire network have already been completed.

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Lastly ‘e-tollo’ is the contractor in charge of the Chaka project’s three artificial lakes. The company has already finalized the foundation work of one of the proposed lakes.

More on the Addis Ababa Palace project

The project is being developed on over 503 hectares of land in Yeka Sub-City leaning on Yeka hill of Addis Ababa City Administration.

According to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, the project is part of ‘Smart City’ Development. The cost of the development is between 300 and 400 billion birrs.

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