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The Chung Wah Community Centre Project in Australia has officially received a multi-million grant front the WA Government. The Chung Wah Association also received a land allocation. In a nutshell, it will serve as a center that will assist the Chung Wah Association to extend its services’ reach. These include community language programs and bilingual daycare. In addition to sporting and cultural activities as well as aged care.

As a whole, the project’s construction development will entirely be carried out by the association. Land and funding support towards the development is reported to serve as a fulfillment of the Australian Labor Party election’s commitment, to supporting linguistic as well as culturally diverse communities. Initially, the election promise announcement was on 15 May 2022, by MP Patrick Gorman and Tangney MLA Sam Lim.

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Chung Wah Community Centre Project Funding Grant Value

Chung Wah Community Centre Project’s grant boasts a value of $5 million, in total. According to an official statement, the development’s funding administration will be through the Office of Multicultural Interests. Furthermore, the project’s position is reported to be right in the middle of the Bentley 360 project. Thus, it is highly regarded to be in synergy and alignment with the overall community focus on growth.

In a nutshell, the Chung Wah Association is one of the largest Chinese community non-profit organizations, in Western Australia. Additionally, it features as the oldest linguistically and culturally diverse organization. Over the past five years, the Chinese community in the region is said to have significantly grown. At an estimate, about 28,000 residents were born in China, while 116,000 claim Chinese ancestry.

While commenting on the project, WA Premier highlighted that Western Australia’s Chinese community has made highly significant contributions to the economic, as well as social and cultural development of the region. Roger Cook further said that the Government’s provision of land and funding aims to show commitment and recognition to the essential role the Chung Wah Association undertakes in supporting the Chinese community.