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The Circle Drive Bridge construction project in Saskatoon, Canada, has reached the halfway point of completion. This bridge, which is 40 years old, is currently undergoing a nine-month renovation project. The project includes repairing the surface, piers, and abutment with concrete, as well as replacing the inner barrier. After completing the westbound lanes, the construction crews will shift their focus to the eastbound lanes starting this Sunday.

The city’s asset management director mentioned that circle bridge construction project is currently on schedule to meet the deadline at the end of October. They are optimistic that the lessons learned in the first half of the project will help them work more efficiently and potentially complete the second half faster. During the first half of construction, there have been no major setbacks or delays, and the project remains on track.

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 Traffic Impacts For Circle Drive Bridge Construction

Circle drive construction project cannot take place in the winter due to potential damage to the roads and the need to maintain the infrastructure. Therefore, it is acceptable if reaching your destination takes a bit longer, considering the circumstances. As it has been since winter, two lanes will continue to flow eastward towards Preston Crossing, while one lane will accommodate traffic going the opposite way. Traffic will not be disrupted during the transition to the other side of the bridge.

The circle drive bridge in Saskatoon, which cost $11.8 million, was originally opened in 1983. Additional lanes were added on both sides in 2005, and a pedestrian bridge was opened in 2007. The reconstruction work will not affect the pedestrian bridge under the Circle Drive North Bridge. However, certain sections of Spadina Crescent beneath the bridge may be temporarily closed during construction to accommodate scaffolding.

Based on the results of the Deck Testing Program, the City recognized the need to rehabilitate the Bridge. The Circle Drive Bridge construction project in Saskatoon will optimize its service life and reduce overall capital lifecycle costs. Extensive renovations are being carried out on both sides of the Circle Drive North Bridge. Although two-way traffic will be maintained throughout the construction period, one side of the bridge will be closed to traffic for most of the summer while work is being done on the other side.