Cistern Systems in Turkey to be Revived to Combat Floods

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Cistern systems in Turkey are to be revived to combat floods as the Republic Of Türkiye Ministry Of Agriculture And Forestry decides to kick off its efforts of initiating the reintroduction of cistern system in Turkey, which was put in use many centuries ago to serve the purpose water storage, in order to combat the issue of increasing floods that has been recently adversely affecting the country. This will serve as a response to the increasingly frequent floods that are usually fatal at times in some provinces of the country.

The general body that is in charge of the water management of the ministry has decided to come up with a project which is going to revive the cistern system that is many centuries old aiming to prevent the floodwaters from getting to the residential areas to cause havoc and utilize the advantages of floodwater when faced with drought.

The respective municipalities will be tasked with the responsibility of organizing the urban infrastructures and implementation of the underground water reservoirs.

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Cistern Systems in Turkey to help fight floods

The head of the water management department, Afire Sever, pointed out that there was definitely a high possibility of the government converting the floodwaters to their own benefit and advantage. Afire server emphasized that this would be achieved if they utilized the cistern systems in Turkey fully to their advantage. He also stressed that the respective municipalities were to prepare their rainwater and wastewater drainage systems plans putting into consideration the effects of climate change and thus this was going to give them assurance of the rain drainage lines not causing any more urban floods.

Lastly, It is well known that the cisterns were originally put in use for irrigation purposes in the agricultural areas. Moreover, some sources indicate that the Mardin-Dara Water Cistern which is located in the southeastern part of the country is believed to supply water to a city of a population of approximately 40,000. Similarly the Basilica Cistern which is found in Istanbul was constructed in 526-527 to address water issues.