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City of Ontario launches Civic Centre Campus Expansion

The City of Ontario is launching a Civic Centre Campus Expansion initiative as part of the larger Ontario Plan to revitalise downtown. This initiative promises a modernised Civic Centre Campus and improved amenities for government employees. It will draw more people to downtown, and optimise existing space.

The City expects to expand by constructing a City Services Building and a Civic Centre Parking Structure. Additionally, it will erect a new Fire Station 1. The Civic Centre will also house the University of La Verne College of Health and Community Well-Being, as well as the future headquarters of the Ontario-Montclair School District, thanks to public-private collaborations.

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The Civic Centre, located in the heart of the city, is critical to Ontario’s downtown regeneration. Furthermore, incorporating high-density housing, eating, retail, services, public spaces, offices, and civic amenities. Ontario will advance economic growth, supporting innovation, and fostering community development downtown via collaborative expansion initiatives and collaborations.

A 60,000-square-foot, three-story office structure will come up south of the upcoming Civic Centre Parking Structure. It is part of the attempt to centralise City Hall functions. This structure will serve as the City Services Building. Furthermore, construction will start in October 2024. Completion is projected for January 2026. Moreover, this relocation will increase the number of staff in Downtown Ontario and promote collaboration between the City and the school system.

Details on the fire station section of the Civic Centre expansion in Ontario

A two-story fire station will be built near the intersection of East D Street and North Sultana Avenue to replace the current Fire Station No. 1 at 425 East B Street.

The new 27,835-square-foot fire station will front the public streets. Additionally, it will have six fire-engine bays along the length of the East D Street façade. There will be an additional six bays at the rear of the building giving drive-thru access. The building will have administrative offices and meeting rooms, as well as many dormitories, dressing facilities, and exercise and amusement areas.

The future Fire Station 1 is set to break ground in September 2023 and to be completed by December 2024.

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