Cohuna Solar Farm Back in Business After Safety Upgrades

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The sun is shining again on the Cohuna Solar Farm in Victoria, Australia. After a temporary shutdown and equipment upgrades directed by Energy Safe Victoria (ESV), this innovative renewable energy plant is humming along nicely again.

You see, ESV had some concerns after a small bushfire broke out at the farm back in November 2024. They directed the operator, Enel Green Power, to disconnect certain equipment for inspection. Safety first, as they say! But the fine folks at Enel took it in stride. They collaborated closely with ESV, made the necessary upgrades, and got old sol up and running again.

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Enel and ESV Work Together to Get Cohuna Solar Farm Up and Running Again

Cohuna solar farm is no slouch! Spread across 82 hectares near Horfield, it boasts around 87,000 bifacial solar modules mounted on handy single-axis trackers. This configuration allows the panels to follow the sun’s daily journey, maximizing solar absorption. Before the shutdown, Enel could generate up to 75 megawatts here. That’s enough clean energy to power over 35,000 homes!

But thanks to those safety upgrades, you can expect even more clean solar energy to come pouring out of Cohuna now. Enel has already ramped up to 75% capacity after the upgrades. And they aim to hit full power again soon. Can’t keep a good solar farm down!

This news also comes on the heels of an exciting new deal for Enel. They just signed an agreement to sell solar power from their upcoming 93 megawatt Girgarre solar project to the Japanese retailer SmartestEnergy. And Enel already co-owns several other major renewable operations down under. So it seems Australia’s solar future looks bright indeed!

Of course, ESV will continue monitoring the situation closely in Cohuna. Safety remains the top priority for any energy plant after all. But the regulators seem satisfied with Enel’s prompt response to their concerns. And we can rest easy knowing all that beautiful clean solar energy will continue flowing from the Cohuna farm!

So next time you find yourself down Horfield way, swing on by Cohuna Solar Farm for a gander. Those shiny solar panels are a real sight to see on a sunny Aussie day! And remember as you pass by: that’s the sound of sustainable power generation hard at work.