Construction of MTL8 data centre in Montréal gets underway

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Construction of the MTL8 data centre in Montréal has begun. This was revealed by Cologix which is owned by Stonepeak. The firm has a total of 11 data centres totalling about 1 million square feet in Montreal. They are all operational or under construction.

The business revealed its new Scalelogix hyper-scale brand last year. It also renamed three of its data centres in Columbus, Ohio, and Montreal under the new name. They then announced the opening of three more in Silicon Valley, California, Ashburn, Virginia, and Columbus, Ohio.

Later, it revealed that CIM Group and Scalelogix would collaborate to build a new Scalelogix plant in Toronto. MTL9 and 10 in Montreal are also branded with the Scalogix name and provide a combined 300,000 square feet and 60 MW.

Development and expectations of the MTL8 data centre in Montréal

Situated in Technoparc, the facility is being constructed by CML Construction. It will be 205,000 square feet in size and provide 21MW of power upon completion expectedly in the middle of 2024.

According to Daniel Laurin, executive vice president of engineering and client solutions at Cologix, “We are thrilled to launch our newest data centre in Montréal Technoparc. MTL8 is well-positioned to serve as a crucial hub for enterprises in the region and beyond.

This is thanks to sustainable architecture, unmatched connectivity, and excellent interconnection capabilities. With this innovative new facility, we look forward to assisting our clients’ expansion and success.

Francesca Mancini, vice-president and partner of CML Construction, said, “We are thrilled to be the chosen constructor of this LEED Gold-certified data centre located in the prominent Technoparc of Ville Saint-Laurent. We wish to express our gratitude to Cologix for trusting our team to build this cutting-edge facility.