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Construction begins on Forma towers in Toronto

Forma, a two-tower condominium complex in downtown Toronto designed by architect Frank Gehry, has begun construction. The two structures, which will have 73 and 84 stories respectively, will be the tallest structures that 94-year-old Canadian architect Frank Gehry has created in his six-decade career in architecture. Furthermore, they will be the architect’s first residential towers in the country.

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Forma will make an imprint on Toronto’s skyline with its dazzling façade and twisted design. The design provides unrivalled views from every suite by offsetting the floorplates. This provides residents with the unique chance to enjoy Toronto from a variety of angles. The exterior will mirror the city’s light and colour.

The completion of Forma, Gehry’s tallest building in the world and the first residential skyscraper in Canada will pave the way for the renowned architect to visit his hometown and the city that originally sparked his passion for architecture. The team has reached over $1 billion in sales in less than a year as they reach the construction milestone for the East Tower.

More on Forma Towers in Toronto

Paolo Ferrari designed the interiors. He is also the owner of Studio Paolo Ferrari. Ferrari drew from his vast experience working on international hospitality projects. Additionally, Gehry’s vision is to produce a design for the amenities that strikes a captivating mix between vivacity and tranquillity.

A Grand Suite with expansive views of the cityscape, a Creator’s Club with multi-functional workspaces, an adjacent Maker’s Studio for hands-on activities, a Health and Wellness Retreat with a spa, jacuzzi, and designated spin room are just a few of the amenities.

According to Gehry’s company, the east building will cost somewhere in the neighbourhood of $500 million to erect. The first tower will be finished in 2028. Further, the second, which has not yet started construction, will be finished later.

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