Construction Commences on Africa’s First Gigawatt Battery making facility at Richmond Park

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The property development division of Atterbury property South Africa initiated the construction of Africa’s First Gigawatt Battery making facility at Richmond Park, north of Cape Town.

During an event commemorating the commencement of construction, Kaloyani Dimov, Solar MD’s CEO, expressed that there is strong demand for their lithium-ion energy storage solutions. This demand is significantly influenced by load shedding. As a result of their sales both in Africa and Europe, the company’s current facility in Cape Town’s Montague Gardens industrial park, where they’ve been operating since 2018, has reached its capacity limit.

The upcoming structure at Richmond Park, encompassing office spaces alongside manufacturing and storage facilities, is anticipated to be ten times larger than the previous establishment, Dimov mentioned.

Total cost for the Africa’s First Gigawatt Battery making facility.

He further disclosed the city’s plan to allocate R120 billion for infrastructure development over the next decade. This endeavor aims to attract investment opportunities and bolster employment growth within the city.

Presently, Solar MD is manufacturing approximately 120 batteries annually. However, as a South African-owned enterprise, the company intends to boost production to 300 batteries annually after the new facility is operational.

Currently, the company has a workforce of around 120 employees, but this number is set to double to 240 once the new facility becomes operational. Dimov specified that the company manufactures energy storage solutions under its proprietary brand, Solar MD. These batteries are crafted based on the company’s unique intellectual property. Raw materials like lithium-ion cells are imported from abroad, as noted by Gerrit van der Berg, Atterbury’s Head of Development.

During the event, James Vos, the mayoral committee member for economic growth in the City of Cape Town, expressed his enthusiasm, referring to the occasion as a significant milestone as he witnessed substantial business investments entering the city. He believes this development will aid Cape Town in securing intelligent energy solutions for the future.

Vos emphasized that Cape Town’s strategy centers on fostering sustainable energy generation, storage, and distribution, with the objective of ensuring sufficient power supply for the city and encouraging private sector involvement.

Richmond Park is an expansive mixed-use development covering an area of 300,000 square meters. Located along the N7 highway, this multi-billion-dollar project is led by Atterbury. The development has gained significant traction, with nearly all available space already occupied. Among its occupants are notable companies such as Takealot, Rubicon, and WeBuyCars. Additionally, numerous tenants have secured land for potential future expansions within the development.

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