Construction of $75 Million Tailings Storage Facility Nears Completion

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Mimosa Mining Company (MMC), a platinum miner, is on the verge of completing a significant project – the construction of a new $75 million tailings storage facility (TSF) along with a water dam in Zimbabwe.

Tailings, the residual waste produced after processing ore to extract mineral concentrates, are typically stored in a TSF. MMC’s general manager, Steve Ndiyamba, highlighted the project during a recent media tour, emphasizing the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability and responsible waste disposal. The new 165-hectare clay-lined tailings storage facility is designed to replace the existing one, which is approaching the end of its life.

The new facility is anticipated to manage mine waste for the next two decades, accommodating potential future expansions. It includes a 1.1 million cubic meter water containment dam. The construction phase employed 385 individuals, primarily from the local community.

Commissioning date for the $75 million tailings storage facility

The project, now 90% complete, is scheduled for commissioning in April 2024. In addition to the mining project, MMC has integrated a recreational park into the plan, introducing wild game. This aligns with the company’s strategic initiative to contribute to environmental conservation and provide a space for locals to enjoy wildlife once mining operations conclude.

Beyond mining, MMC has been actively involved in social responsibility projects. The company is committed to creating lasting legacies in the communities it operates in. Notable initiatives include significant investments in health, education, water, sanitation, infrastructure, and sustainable projects. MMC has played a vital role in the health sector by constructing and equipping private wards at Mondongo Clinic, Mberengwa, and Zvishavane district hospitals. Additionally, it has supported various educational institutions and refurbished schools across the country.

Established in the 1920s, Mimosa Mining Company stands as the country’s oldest producer of platinum group minerals. The ongoing projects reflect MMC’s dedication to responsible mining practices and its role as a positive contributor to the well-being of local communities.

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