Construction of a shrine commences in a Mexican diocese to commemorate the Cristero War martyrs

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A shrine commemorating the martyrs who gave their lives in the Cristero War is under construction by the Archdiocese of Durango in Mexico. By the middle of 2026, the new church should be completed.

The anti-clerical laws that Plutarco Elías Calles, the president at the time, signed into law set off the ruthless persecution of Christians. It started the Cristero War, an armed struggle that raged in Mexico from 1926 to 1929.

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The priest in charge of the church’s construction, Father Refugio Lopez Munoz, stated that these holy martyrs provided a brave and generous testimony of their faith in Christ Jesus. They also demonstrated their love for the church until the very last moment.

The planned shrine’s architectural designs are included in the SAAX architecture. It also indicates the complex’s overall area of 1,023 square meters (11,000 square feet).

How many people will the shrine be able to accommodate?

With a maximum occupancy of 745 people standing, it consists of a central nave that can accommodate 285 people sitting. There’s also an administrative area with stairs leading to an exterior mezzanine. Additionally, there is a chapel dedicated to the Blessed Sacrament and a sacristy.

The large events that take place in the small plazas outside use this mezzanine as an altar.

There is also a bell tower, reaching a height of 330 meters (108 feet). It appears to shatter at its highest point yet remains stable and solid at its base. The holy martyrs who, while experiencing instances of doubt, never wavered in their faith in Christ are alluded to in this design element. There is a columbarium at the end of the nave that will be built later.

According to López, an important pilgrimage site, the shrine is being constructed in the place where the martyrs were killed. The priest stated that every month, hundreds of people gather to express their faith, despite the ongoing construction.