Construction Of Ayodhya Mosque Set For 2024 After Numerous Delays.

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Construction of the proposed mosque in Ayodhya, India, is expected to begin next year. This came as an order by the Supreme Court in the Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid verdict. The Indo-Islamic Cultural Foundation Trust (IICF) was tasked with building a mosque at Dhannipur in Ayodha. The trust also plans to appoint directors in different states from February to raise funds.

The inauguration ceremony of the Ram Temple is scheduled for January 22, 2024. Even though, the construction of the mosque has not yet begun. The Indo-Islamic Cultural chief administrator Dhofar Farooqui stated that the final design of the mosque is expected to be ready by mid-February 2024. Once presented, the final design will be subjected to government approval. This will then be followed by the construction of a construction office that will be set up in the complex in February.

Proposed Commencement Date For The Construction Of The Proposed Ayodhya Mosque.

Dhofar stated that the mosque is expected to begin construction in May 2024. The construction of the Mohammad Bin Abdullah Ayodha Mosque is getting delayed due to the fresh formalities. This comes after drastic changes were made in the design of the mosque. Another big challenge facing the construction of the mosque is the financial constraints.

The initial design of the mosque was based on those already built in India. However, the design was rejected and a new design was prepared. The mosque will be built on 40,000 square feet instead of the earlier 15,000 square feet.

Following the Supreme Court’s order, the government handed over five acres of land in Dhannipr in Ayodhya to the Sunni Waqf Board of Uttar Pradesh for the construction of the mosque.

Dhofar stated that a Mumbai team associated with the funds is currently working on it. Furthermore, they are expected to have sufficient funds within a month and a half. Additionally, Dhofar did not completely rule out the possibility of crowdfunding. Donations would be collected online if needed.

Similarly, the funds collected will build a hospital, a library, a community kitchen, and a museum on land provided by the government. Interviews were conducted with the Bombay group and they were appointed to head the construction committee. When asked when the construction will be completed, IICF secretary Athar Hussain said that it would depend on the availability of the funds.

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