Somalia: Construction of Dhusamareb Airport’s Runway and Terminal Commences

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The construction of a new runway and terminal at Dhusamareb Airport has formally commenced. President Ahmed Abdi Karie Qoorqoor of Galmudug State launched the project. He insisted all those taking part in the project execute a stellar job.

The project was publicized in December 2020 by the Somali government, with the preliminary funding of $3.5 million coming from Qatar. The runway and terminal will have a capacity of over 800,000 commuters per year.

The new runway and terminal project will lift the region’s economy, providing new jobs and business opportunities for local residents. Additionally, the new airport facility is projected to aid facilitate further investments and advance the region.

The construction work is being spearheaded by a team of local engineers, technicians, and other construction authorities. Moreover, construction is projected to be finalized within 12 to 15 months, depending on the funds required and the equipment availability.

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Significance of the new runway and terminal construction to Somalia’s Economy

The new airport is anticipated to open for domestic flights in 2024. International flights are expected to begin after that, subject to the accomplishment of the essential infrastructure and security procedures.

Therefore, this new development is guaranteed to be advantageous to Somalia’s general socioeconomic development. Importantly, it will not only enhance mobility within the region but will also generate new opportunities for investment and other activities. This in turn will contribute to poverty reduction and economic growth.

This project will attract more visitors to Somalia. These increased visitors and travellers will stimulate the local economy, benefiting businesses and workers. Additionally, the airport will reduce reliance on costly and unreliable road transport in the region. Therefore, the airport will relieve people to travel more proficiently and safely.

This, in turn, has a constructive impact on the environment as less fuel is used and vehicles release less carbon emissions.