Construction of New Sewerage System Making Good Progress on Seychelles’ La Digue Island

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Construction works are progressing satisfactorily after one year in the centralised sewerage system construction of Seychelles’ La Digue island project. This is according to the Public Utilities Corporation (PUC). The centralised sewerage system contains two main components. These include a sewer collection system installation along the western coast of La Digue and sewage treatment plant construction at L’Union Estate.

“The first component of works, the sewer collection system, divided into two lots and awarded to Earth Development and Ascent projects respectively are well underway, both standing at 52 per cent completion,” said PUC in a press statement last week.

Importantly, the plant will cover 95 per cent of domestic wastewater generation in La Digue and was announced in 2018. Additionally, it is financed by the European Investment Bank (EIB), Agence Française de Développement (AFD) and PUC. Moreover, the centralised sewerage system will cost $16 million.

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Earth Development expects to complete outstanding pipe-laying works, from La Passe to La Digue Supermarket in the next two months. Additionally, Ascent Project desires to complete pending works from the island’s main helipad to the Mutu shop within the same period.

Expectations of new sewerage system installation on Seychelles’ La Digue Island

Once completed, the facility will have the capacity to treat an average flow of 1,000 cubic metres per day. Green Island Construction Company (GICC) is presently undertaking site preparation in anticipation of construction work due to commence.  Importantly, PUC recently tossed the tendering procedure for the supply of pre-fabricated sewerage pumping/lifting stations.

Additionally, the construction of the sewerage treatment plant at L’Union Estate was awarded to GICC earlier this year. PUC representatives recently met with a group of concerned residents to clarify their doubts about establishing the plant at the designated location.

This project targets addressing environmental hazards caused by the lack of proper sanitation facilities in La Digue. Importantly, La Digue is Seychelles’ third-most populated island.