Dubai’s 1,000 EV Charging Stations Expansion Project Underway

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According to an official statement, plans for Dubai’s 1000 EV Charging Stations infrastructure are currently underway. The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) said the project targets to add over 680 charging points. Moreover, within the next three years, the project is said to result in a 170% network increase of public charging stations.

Quite impressively, Dubai has received recognition as one of the world’s best regions for driving. The city boasts high ratings in areas such as road and public transport quality as well as traffic congestion. Thus, Dubai’s 1000 EV Charging Stations infrastructure project, is said to significantly contribute to an elevated global reputation. Additionally, the project will further solidify Dubai as a key leader in sustainable transportation.

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Dubai’s 1000 EV Charging Stations  Commitment To Sustainability

Back in 2015, the push for green mobility gained momentum with DEWA’s EV Green Charger Initiative launch. The program is also a part of the Green Mobility Strategy 2030. In a nutshell, it aims to specifically expand the electric vehicle (EV) stations’ infrastructure.

As a whole, the initiative aims to highlight Dubai’s commitment to sustainability. In addition to reflecting efforts toward the adoption of clean transportation solutions. An official statement revealed that alongside DEWA’s efforts, RTA has also got onboard. Thus, Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority has embarked on a long-term strategy. By 2030, it aims to transition into net-zero emission public transportation.  

Overall, DEWA’s development plan aligns with the region’s vision to transform the city into a green economy’s global hub. In extension, Dubai’s 1,000 EV Charging Stations also forms part of Net Zero Carbon Emissions Strategy 2050 and Dubai’s Clean Energy Strategy 2050. With the goal to generate 100% of Dubai’s power, both initiatives strive to make great use of clean energy. Additionally, Dubai’s investment in EV charging infrastructure strives to improve air quality.