East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) Construction Works Underway in Uganda

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The construction manager of the East African Crude Oil Pipeline, Ahamed Arafat, the construction works will kick off in the year 2024 and the construction works will be expected to be done by the end of the year 2025. Currently, the civil works are progressing well in the two countries of Uganda and Tanzania. Two pumping stations have apparently been set up in Uganda. According to the regulatory lead of the EACOP project, Lawrence Ssempagi, made a statement that they will establish a total of 60 teams that will be responsible of handling each around 100 kilometers so as to meet the completion target of 2025.

The construction works for the establishment of the main camps, the terminal for storage, and the pipe yard are progressing at the pump station one located in Hoima District in Nyamasoga area, Kasamya area located in Kakumiro District and also in Ssembabule District.

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East African Crude Oil Pipeline Construction Process

On matters concerning land acquisition for the East African Crude Oil Pipeline, the communication lead of the pipeline project noted that they are handling the cases at hand. He also noted that they will be issuing the warning letters before the commencement of the construction of the pipeline route to the individuals whose lands were affected but have still been holding onto and using the projects land.

Like the feeder oil pipelines of Tilenga and Kingfisher, the East Africa Crude Oil Pipeline will first have to undergo stringing and also welding before it gets buried under the ground. After, the signing of the Final Investment Decision (FID) between the two countries i.e. Tanzania and Uganda and the oil companies that will be a part of the project; the activities of acquiring land for the project, compensation of those affected by the project, building replacement houses for the people that will be affected by the project, restoration of the livelihood of the people affected and also the procuring of the construction materials of the EACOP kicked off.