Egypt and Germany sign debt swap deal to foster green energy transition

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Egypt and Germany have signed a debt swap deal worth $59m, In a significant step towards promoting sustainable development. As well as accelerating the transition to green energy The German embassy in Cairo said the deal intends to reduce Egypt’s debt burden while assisting the nation’s efforts to finance renewable energy programs and cut carbon emissions.

Egypt benefits financially from the debt swap deal with Germany since it has less debt obligations. A portion of Egypt’s debt due to Germany will be changed under the terms of the deal into money earmarked for expanding renewable energy programs. The deal will enable Egypt to devote more funds to sustainable development, infrastructure building, and clean energy projects.

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Overview of the debt swap deal

The deal is particularly important for the construction of two substations and the connection of two wind farms (Red Seas and Amunet). Both are capable of being fed into the national transmission network and have a capacity of 500MW each. The Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company and the project will work together to  carried out the project.

Egypt signed the agreement with the German Development Bank (KFW), on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The deal stated that Egypt would be exempt from making $35 million in debt payments. Instead, the funds will be used to support fresh, environmentally beneficial projects. This includes the construction of solar and wind farms, the improvement of energy storage systems. And the application of energy-saving techniques. Egypt can diversify its energy sources, reduce its reliance on fossil fuels. As well as pave the path for a sustainable and environmentally friendly future by supporting investment in renewable energy.

In addition to the strategic advantages of the debt swap agreement, Germany’s commitment to assisting Egypt in its transition to green energy is in line with its larger climate change strategy.