Epicon Towers Project Breaks Ground For Tourism Advancement; Saudi Arabia

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Hong Kong-based 10 Design have partnered with Client company, Neom, in the construction of Epicon Towers project. 10 Design is the lead consultant of the newly launched project. Epicon Towers project will be one of the flagship development of its Gulf of Aqaba development. The project was previously known as the Gas Station Hotel and it involved the construction of a twin-tower hotel. The towers measured 275 meters and 225 meters in height. The scope of the project includes the hotel having 41 keys. It will also have 14 residential suites and apartments. The development project also includes a resort with 120 rooms and 45 villas. The announcement of the Epicon Towers comes shortly after Neom launched Leyja, a tourism destination.

The destination is along the coast of the Gulf of Aqaba that comprises of three hotels offering a total of boutique rooms and suites. Apart from Epicon Towers project, the client company seeks to construct other hotels within its scope. This include the Adventure Hotel that is being designed by Metropolitan Architecture. The project will be constructed on a cliff top surrounded by valley sides. The building structure will ascend the mountain wall in form of a staircase. Italy-based Mario Cucinella Architects is the company mandated on consultancy for the Oasis Hotel. The project will be built in the middle of the wadi’s oasis. Dubai’s Killa Design mandated with consultancy for the Wellness Hotel Project. The project will have a façade that is reflective. The project will also mirror the surrounding valley walls.

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Neom Seeks to Advance Tourism In Saudi Arabia by Constructing the Epicon Towers Project

In the current advancements, Epicon Towers and Leyja are Neom’s current tourism projects. This is after The Line and Trojena. Other projects include Oxagon and Sindalah island projects. Each of the current hotels will have 40 keys as stated in their scopes. Leyja will also have a 73-kilometer long hiking trail. This trail will stretch all the way to Trojena. Neom and US-based hotel chain Marriott International signed an agreement to establish two hotel sites at Trojena. The company will construct Saudi Arabia’s first W-branded hotel and a JW Marriott hotel at Neom’s mountain destination. The W hotel will be a 236-key property located within Trojena’s Lake Village. The JW Marriott will be a 500-key hotel situated within the Bow at Trojena.