Establishing Egypt’s First International Medical City

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Egypt’s first international medical city is set to be established by ex-pat investor Nasser Fouad, the Viceroy for Cheshire County, UK, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the St. George Healthcare Group. This groundbreaking project will encompass a comprehensive university for medical sciences, an English medical college, a college of physiotherapy, and a college of nursing. Situated strategically on the Suez Road, adjacent to the Administrative Capital, the international medical city will span across a vast area of approximately seventy acres.

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The Benefits of Investing in the International Medical City in Egypt

What sets the international medical city apart is the direct conferment of UK degrees, a testament to the institution’s global standards and quality education.

Fouad commended Egypt’s investment climate, citing its potential to attract capital across various sectors. Highlighting the diverse investment opportunities available in Egypt, Fouad emphasized sectors such as education, health, industry, agriculture, commerce, and real estate. He urged Egyptian businessmen and investors abroad to acquaint themselves with the attractive investment prospects and incentives offered by the Egyptian government. Egypt’s advantages include a youthful workforce and a broad spectrum of investment fields, opportunities, and competitive advantages.

Furthermore, Soha Gendy, the Immigration Minister, elaborated on the campaign’s objective, which is to highlight Egypt’s captivating market factors and the abundance of promising investment opportunities. Additionally, the ongoing development process, which encompasses infrastructure improvements, seeks to cultivate an enticing climate for investors in pursuit of long-term prospects.

Nasser Fouad’s ambitious plan to establish Egypt’s first international medical city heralds a new era of healthcare and educational excellence in the country. This remarkable project, situated strategically near the Administrative Capital, promises a comprehensive range of medical sciences and allied disciplines. With Egypt’s favourable investment climate, diverse sectors, and incentives, it stands as an attractive proposition for both domestic and international investors. The ongoing development efforts and improved infrastructure only further enhance the allure of Egypt’s investment landscape. As the international medical city takes shape, it paves the way for a brighter future in healthcare, education, and socioeconomic growth.