Fitzroy to Gladstone Pipeline Project Marks Significant Milestone

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The Fitzroy To Gladstone Pipeline Project made an announcement confirming, construction works will begin soon. Earlier in the week, the project reported that the first pipes needed had arrived in Rockhampton. As a result, the project has achieved a significant milestone, marking a progressive achievement.

In addition to the above, the $983 million development received construction approval from the Queensland Government. Furthermore, reports state that $548.5 million will be spent in 2023-24 to continue its delivery. Additionally, it is said that last week’s Budget, featured an equity allocation of $440 million, courtesy of an uplift in royalty revenue,

As a whole, the Fitzroy to Gladstone Pipeline Project will feature a 117-kilometre pipeline. It will stretch from the Lower Fitzroy River in Rockhampton. Thereafter, it shall connect to the Gladstone Area Water Board’s existing water network at Yarwun.

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Overview of the Fitzroy to Gladstone Pipeline Project

Back in August 2021, the State Government appointed Gladstone Area Water Board to deliver the project’s pre-construction activities. Moreover, the appointment enabled the board to own and operate the pipeline, upon official operation. 

Quite impressively, the Fitzroy to Gladstone Pipeline Project boasts the capacity to transport 30 gigalitres per annum from the Fitzroy River, down to Gladstone. Leading manufacturer, Steel Mains will manufacture pipes for the project. Queensland’s Member for Rockhampton revealed that at least 40% of the construction costs will be spent locally, throughout the project delivery’s duration. 

While speaking about the project, Queensland’s Water Minister and Member noted that the pipeline strives to deliver long-term water security, especially to the region. Gladstone Glenn Butcher further said that the project also aims to support more job-creating industries.

Meanwhile, Gladstone Area Water Board CEO also expressed excitement over the project’s milestone achievement. Darren Barlow said that the development’s progress is a great opportunity towards ensuring its position on Central Queenslander’s radars.