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Frasers Property’s New Mambourin Retail Precinct Unveiled

The brand new Mambourin Retail Precinct development has officially been unveiled in Melbourne by Frasers Property Australia. Moreover, the project revealed that it received permit approval for its first stages of major works. 

In a nutshell, the project will feature a landscaped plaza as a part of its first stage of development. It will include al fresco dining, as well as a dedicated children’s play space. In addition to a central events space, and unique artwork. Taking it a step further, the plaza will also include end-of-trip cycling facilities that feature changeroom spaces alongside bike storage. 

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The Mambourin Retail Precinct In Melbourne’s Total Retail Area

Official reports state that the Mambourin Retail Precinct will span an area of 25,000 square meters. Moreover, its major supermarket is reported to offer 7,200 square meters of retail space. Additionally, it will incorporate 25 specialty stores, featuring fresh food grocers, restaurants, and cafes. Furthermore, along Black Forest Road, the brand-new retail development will feature a gateway retail precinct. According to an official report, the gateway precinct will include fast-food offerings, a childcare center as well as a petrol station. 

As a whole, the $50 million Mambourin Precinct has been designed by Clarke Hopkins Clarke, an award-winning architect. It aims to serve as an industry-leading 5-Star Green Star building. Quite impressively, it will include an array of green initiatives, starting with a monumental 800-kilowatt solar PV system. Moreover, the development will further offer provisions for electric vehicle charging.

Construction works of the development are noted to begin later in the year. Upon completion, its opening is revealed to be by early 2025. While speaking about the project, the Frasers Property’s General Manager Development Victoria, expressed excitement over its approval. Sarah Bloom said that the project aims to serve as an additional contribution to the growing list of amenities that are available to residents. Furthermore, the General Manager noted that it targets to provide several job opportunities. 

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