15 MW Solar Power Plant Project Inaugurated at Mahoba in India

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A 15 MW Solar Power Plant has officially been inaugurated at Mahoba in India. The approximately Rs 80 crores project is developed by the Gaurs Group.

The latter is a leader in renewable energy and waste management. Within the real estate sector, Gaurs Group was the very first company to adopt solid waste management. In fact, well over 60,000 kg of solid waste is collected and converted to compost on a daily basis. In total, nearly accumulates to 21,900 metric tonnes annually from the company’s delivered projects.

For the treatment of wastewater into usable water, the company deploys sewage treatment plant (STP) technology. Taking it a step further, Gaurs Group has installed solar panels across all its developments and projects, ensuring optimal and efficient use of renewable energy sources.

Development of the 15 MW Solar Power Plant at Mahoba in India

The project spans a total area of 50 acres located near Gwaliar. Its implementation was funded through private equity. However, it received funding of Rs 55 crore from the State Bank of India (SBI).

The 15 MW Solar Power Plant at Mahoba is said to potentially generate 2.25 crore units of electricity annually. This in turn, according to the developer, would result in a decrease of 18 thousand tonnes of CO2 in a year.

While speaking about the project, Gaurs Group’s Chairman and Managing Director expressed delight in dedicating the facility to the region. Furthermore, Manoj Gaur revealed that the plant’s minimum operational life is 26 years.

In the long run, its electricity generation will be integrated into the central grid. Thereafter it shall be made use of across several projects under the Delhi-NCR real estate developer company. 

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In a nutshell, the 15 MW Solar Power Plant at Mahoba serves to reflect Gaurs Group’s commitment and effort towards sustainable practices. Additionally, it aims to contribute to a much more, greener future.