Bui Power Authority completes the 5MW floating solar project

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Bui Power Authority(BPA) has completed the construction of its pioneering 5MW floating solar project the first of its kind in the sub-region.

Bui Power Authority had initially embarked on the floating solar project with a capacity of 1MW and subsequently expanded it by adding an additional 4MW.

The floating solar panels were strategically installed on the reservoir of the dam located on the Black Volta River, maximizing the utilization of available space and resources.

The 5MW Bui floating solar project is an innovative approach of using photovoltaic modules on water infrastructures to conserve the land along with increase in efficiency of the module.

The water in the reservoir is also conserved due to reduction in evaporation of water from the water body. The plant can be installed on a pond, lake, reservoir or on any other water body.

The Bui floating solar project will complement the 50MW solar farm

As a renewable energy entity, Bui Power Authority takes pride in its commitment to clean energy solutions. The authority was granted a ministerial mandate by the Ministry of Energy plants in 2017.

Bui Power Authority has already made significant strides in the renewable energy sector with their solar farm, that began operations in November 2020, generating 50MW of power.

The solar farm has been successfully integrated into Ghana’s National Interconnected Transmission Systems (NITS), facilitating the distribution of clean energy across the nation.

Bui Power Authority Deputy Director of Renewable Energy, Peter Acheampong said,” We are done with the 5 megawatts, what you see behind me is generating power. We are currently undergoing what we call a pre-commissioning test to ensure all the components are working.”

Acheampong also disclosed that there are plans to scale up the floating solar project. “There are plans to scale up the floating solar to about 65MW. At BPA, we do not just scale up, but our scaling up depends on what we call the renewable master plan for the country,” he stated.

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