Phase 2 of Tema Port expansion project in Ghana rolled out

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The operator of Tema Port, Meridian Port Services Ltd. (MPS), has announced it will roll out phase two of the Tema Port expansion project in Ghana.  The extension project seeks to improve Tema Port’s infrastructure and capacity to fulfil the expanding demands for connectivity and trade. According to the company, construction will be completed by September 2025.

So far, MPS said it has finalised the necessary arrangements to commence phase two. Which calls for large civil works and construction operations. The project will be carried out in partnership with EIFFAGE Génie Civil Marine SA and De Simone Limited. Given their accomplishments in Phase 1 and the pavement work for the 4th Berth of the Tema Port expansion project, EIFFAGE Génie Civil Marine SA and De Simone were chosen for this phase.

Meridian Port Service Chief Executive Officer, Mohamed Samara, emphasized his company’s unrelenting commitment to achieving its mission of offering Ghana and West Africa a cutting-edge commercial connection platform.

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Remarks on the Tema Port expansion project in Ghana

Mr Samara said, “The creation of a reliable and efficient infrastructure is essential to meeting future demands for trade facilitation. Our assessment is that Tema Port in Ghana is most placed to complete this objective.” He added by saying that MPS is unwavering in its dedication to promoting regional trade expansion. As well as developing a cutting-edge commercial connectivity platform for Ghana and West Africa.

Additionally, according to Mr Samara, the MPS shareholders, Meridian Port Holding (MPH) and the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GPHA), are steadfast in their pursuit of excellence, teamwork, and ethical behaviour to guarantee that infrastructure projects have long-lasting favourable impact on trade connectivity and regional development.

He said, “With the goal of building a strong, integrated, and sustainable marine infrastructure network, the shareholders of Meridian Port Holding, Africa Global Logistics (AGL), and APM Terminals are fully dedicated to infrastructure development in Ghana. Furthermore, we are adamant that we can help Ghana realize its potential as a commercial hub for the subregion.”

The main goal for Phase 2 of the Tema Port expansion project is to pave a sizable area of 270,000 square meters using 14 million pavement blocks that adhere to the highest industry requirements. Furthermore, this painstaking paving job offers the solidity needed to support huge cranes operating in the area.

The project will also support the operational yard, and increase the terminal’s storage capacity from 80 to 120 hectares. As well as add 16 km of cable conduits and 5.5 km of drainage pipes.