Globeleq Purchases 41MW Photovoltaic Facility in Mozambique

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Buying the 41MW Photovoltaic Facility in Mozambique by Globeleq greatly increases its renewable energy operation in Mozambique. This also happened just a few weeks after the company started making money from a 19 MW solar and 7 MWh storage project in Cuamba.


Globeleq, a company in London, has bought 75% of the Central Solar de Mocuba PV plant in Mozambique. This solar power facility is worth 41 megawatts.


The company, which mainly works on making and running power plants in Africa bought a 52.5% share of Mocuba from Norway’s Scatec Company and also got a 22.5% part owned by another group from Norway called KLP Norfund Group.


Electricidade de Moçambique (EDM), the big power company in Mozambique, still owns a part of 25% at the plant. The takeover greatly increases Globeleq’s renewable energy presence in Mozambique.


It followed quickly after the company started regular operations at its 19 MW solar and 7 MWh battery project in Cuamba.


Mocuba also gives an essential boost to Globeleq’s solar power setup in Africa. Now, their total ability is nearly 400 MW spread across South Africa, Egypt, Kenya and Mozambique.


In addition to Mocuba, the company is building a big 450MW gas-created power project in Temane.

Completion date

This will greatly widen Mozambique’s national grid when it starts making energy at the end of 2024.


It also gives essential round-the-clock electricity support and helps more renewable power projects happen. At the same time, they are building a 563 km, 400 kV transmission line.


This will be important to join the southern part of Mozambique’s big power network. Globeleq is also working on its 120 MW wind project at Namaacha, close to Maputo. It’s expected that the money part will be finished in 2024.


“We are slowly making a big business in Mozambique using things like sun power, wind energy and turning gas into electricity.


The latest addition to this is at Mocuba,” said Globeleq CEO Mike Scholey. “Mocuba is a great choice in our solar power projects across Africa.


I’m happy to have new people from the factory join Globeleq.” The year 2024 is important for Globeleq in Mozambique.


This is because the big Temane gas-to-power plant will start making money soon and finishing the Namaacha project, first wind power plan of country, could be done by middle part of that year.”

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