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Gokhale Bridge Project Set To Be Operational By Late 2023

India’s Gokhale Bridge Project has been closed for over six months due to construction works. Recently, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) made an official announcement stating that towards the end of the year, it will be partially opened. Shortly after, by the end of the year, the statement added, it will be fully open.

The Gopal Krishna Gokhale Bridge’s location is right within Andheri. Reports note that the primary east-west link got dismantled due to poor structural health. With the bridge passing over railway lines, the dismantling was done part by part, between December and March, in phases.

The construction process is highlighted to take 30 days for the assembling of girders. 15 more days will then be utilized for launching, pushing as well as lowering the girders. Thereafter, 40 days will be required for concretization and finally, opening.

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The Gokhale Bridge Project’s Progress

According to reports, the Gokhale Bridge Project has demolished 28 structures that were obstructing its development. The demolitions were carried out to give way for a crane brought in for its construction. Out of 13 houses, 4 were said to be eligible for rehabilitation under the Project Affected People (PAP) Act. The remaining nine were then given temporary shelter till monsoons. Thereafter, the available space was then designated for crane movement. Its role will facilitate in the assembling of the girder, of which will be pushed onto the railway section.

Initially, the project made an announcement that the bridge would be open on September 4, aiming to align with Diwali. However, the target got pushed back to December, upon a site visit by local MLA Ameet Satam. While speaking about the development, he expressed anticipation, for its partial opening within the first week of December. Furthermore, Ameet added, it should be fully open, within the next 85 days, which would be November 30.

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