India’s Pedestrian Plaza Along KNK Road Begins Construction

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In attendance at India’s Pedestrian Plaza Along KNK Road project commencement, was the Minister for Municipal Administration. K N Nehru laid down the development’s foundation stone.

As it stands, the plaza forms part of a larger project to transform the region. The Greater Chennai Corporation, Oasis Design Inc., and Jana Urban Space Foundation choose to join forces on a series of pedestrian plaza projects. Chennai Smart City Limited, alongside the Institute of Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP), also forms part of the collaborative team.

An official statement noted that in a nutshell, the overall project strives to transform the selected streets along 3 major, guiding principles. The first is to deliver seamless mobility for all, as well as cyclists, pedestrians, the elderly, and children. Secondly, the project aims to enhance living standards. Therefore it targets to incorporate measures such as play areas accompanied by outdoor seating. Lastly, the statement concluded, it aims to build long-lasting infrastructure.

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India’s Pedestrian Plaza Along KNK Road Masterplan Features

India’s Pedestrian Plaza Along KNK Road will include dedicated pipelines for telecommunication cable, alongside illuminated billboards. Moreover, it will feature drinking water pipelines, a cobblestone pathway. as well as a disability-friendly footpath In addition to rainwater drains, decorative lighting, and auxiliary sewage systems.

As a whole., the pedestrian plaza project is under the World Bank’s Chennai City Partnership Programme. It is also under the Greater Chennai Corporation fund. As per a press release, the development is being built at a total cost of Rs. 19.81 crore.

Taking it a step further, a proposed parking bay along the road stretch could also be built. Thereafter, reports state that it will receive integration into the city’s smart parking management system. Additionally, surrounding areas with great, unused parking potential, will also be developed.

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