Government Plans to Construct New Hospital in Mogoditshane, Botswana

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The government of Botswana has unveiled plans to build a state-of-the-art hospital in Mogoditshane, with an estimated cost of around P30 million.

The project will be funded through the two-year Transitional National Development Plan, signifying the government’s commitment to improving healthcare infrastructure. Mr. Mafoko highlighted that the District Health Management Team (DHMT) has already submitted an urgent application to the land board, resulting in the provisional allocation of a plot at Diremogolo for the new hospital.

Furthermore, Mr. Mafoko informed the councilors that other health facilities in the district would also undergo enhancements. Metsimotlhabe Clinic is expected to receive improvements, while Thamaga Primary Hospital is scheduled for significant maintenance. Additionally, Kubung Clinic and other healthcare centers within the catchment area will undergo renovations, all of which are slated to commence in the current financial year.

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How This New Mogoditshane Hospital Will Help The Province.

The construction of the new hospital in Mogoditshane and the broader improvements to healthcare facilities underscore the government’s commitment to delivering quality healthcare services to the community. These development initiatives aim to enhance medical access, improve public health, and uplift the overall well-being of the region’s residents.

In his address, Mr. Mafoko addressed a recent diarrhea outbreak at Mogoditshane Senior Secondary School, which affected over 20 learners. He reassured the councilors that all the learners had tested negative for cholera, despite a cholera outbreak in neighboring countries. Precautionary measures were promptly implemented, including the isolation of affected learners.

Mr. Mafoko also provided an update on the elevation of the sub-district to a fully-fledged district. He informed the councilors that consultative meetings were conducted in the district, during which residents raised concerns about the development of the council logo, slogan, and name. To ensure inclusivity, the community proposed neutral names such as Kweneng East, Kweneng South East, or Metsimotlhabe, named after the Metsimotlhaba River, which flows through the region.