Groundbreaking Ceremony Held for Nordhavn Tunnel in Copenhagen, Denmark

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Copenhagen, Denmark – On a momentous occasion, a groundbreaking ceremony marked the commencement of the Nordhavn Tunnel project, a new 1.4km road tunnel set to transform central Copenhagen.

It is constructed by a joint venture between Besix and MT Højgaard. The Nordhavn Tunnel will extend the existing Nordhavnsvej tunnel, offering a direct passage under Svanemølle Bay. The innovative infrastructure project aims to alleviate traffic congestion in Østerbro. It will also provide enhanced access to inner and outer Nordhavn urban development zones.

Nordhavn Tunnel: A Technological Marvel Beneath the Waters

The Nordhavn Tunnel, classified as a cut-and-cover tunnel, will encompass approximately 700m underwater. Thus, it will need the creation of a replacement harbour for nearly 600 boats in Færgehavn Nord.

The entire project is expected to cost DKK3.4bn (£397M). The tunnel contract was, however, secured last September with a valuation of £304M by the Besix-MT Højgaard joint venture. Copenhagen Municipality is also financing the venture alongside the government-owned By & Havn.

New Road Tunnel to Alleviate Traffic Congestion and Boost Urban Development

On May 11, the groundbreaking ceremony marked the initiation of the main works after completing most preliminary preparations. The Nordhavn Tunnel aims to open to traffic by the summer of 2027. It will provide passage for an estimated 8,200 vehicles daily. Furthermore, upon completion, the tunnel’s ownership will be transferred to Copenhagen.

Danish Minister of Transport, Thomas Denielsen, emphasised the significance of the Nordhavn Tunnel extension in improving access for residents and commuters, diverting heavy traffic from Østerbro’s streets. Denielsen further highlighted the tunnel’s strategic design to accommodate future infrastructure decisions, such as the potential construction of an eastern ring road.

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Lord Mayor Sophie Hæstorp Andersen echoed these sentiments, stating that the Nordhavn Tunnel would greatly benefit Copenhagen residents and expand Nordhavn as a flourishing neighbourhood, housing numerous residents and providing employment opportunities.

By connecting the new district to the rest of the city, the tunnel will alleviate heavy traffic in Østerbro and lay the foundation for a future eastern ring road, ultimately reducing congestion and improving air quality in the city centre.