4GW Megaton green energy park in Denmark, set for development

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Megaton green energy park in Denmark, one of the world’s largest of its kind, is set for development by the Danish company GreenGo Energy and Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality.

The 4GW project, located in the municipality of Ringkøbing-Skjern, will be developed on 4,000 ha of land at the future Stovstrup 400kV substation, east of Tarm along with onshore solar and wind projects as well as a 2GW offshore wind project.

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The energy park’s 2GW electrolysis infrastructure will be supplied with clean energy produced by renewable assets. The €8 billion ($8.7 billion) project will be able to produce a million tonnes of green fuel annually once it is operational. This is anticipated to happen before 2030.

Expectations for the Megaton green energy park in Denmark

The endeavor fits into the Danish government’s plan to cut carbon emissions by 70% by the year 2030. According to GreenGo Energy, renewable energy resources will be able to produce 11.5TWh of green power annually. This is more than 30% of the nation’s current total power consumption.

However, according to the company, Megaton Energy Park will use 85% of the green electricity to create green fuels. Additionally, the project will generate surplus heat for the district’s heating system of more than 1TWh.

GreenGo Energy CEO, Karsten Nielsen, stated, “we will once again put Denmark on the world map. The country will be a leader in the transition to 100% green power and the green fuels that are required to achieve the global climate goals toward 2050 with the Megaton project and the development of one of the largest energy parks in the world in Western Jutland.

We appreciate that the city council of the Ringkøbing-Skjern municipality shares GreenGo Energy’s ambition for the green transition.”