Guyana: Construction Commences at The Modern College of Medical Sciences

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Recently, officials broke ground on the construction of a modern College of Medical Sciences facility, costing a total of US$4.9 million. The building will be established at the University of Guyana (UG).

A lecture hall, capable of accommodating up to 200 students, specialized labs like anatomy, histology, biochemistry and hematology will all be featured in the new facility which is currently under construction.

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The process of construction will entirely be livestreamed. Construction works on the modern College of Medical Sciences facility are expected to last at least 15 months. Shandong Hi-Speed Dejian Group Co., a Chinese company is building the college. E&A Consultants are expected to be the project’s supervisors.

Who is funding the construction of the modern College of Medical Sciences facility?

Guyana’s Ministry of Finance and the World Bank are expected to provide funding for the project.

It is said that the building will not only function as a medical college, it would also offer assurance for the MBBS program accreditation. It was designed meticulously to provide modern training to the doctors.

According to Dr. Paloma Mohammed-Martin, the Vice Chancellor of UG, eligible medical students usually get rejected annually by the university. This comes as a result of lacking sufficient space in the institution. He claimed that the project has been in their plans for a long time. He emphasized that it has undergone an extensive design, highly consultative as well as a redesign process.

Priya Manickchand, Guyana’s Minister of Education, emphasized on the project’s timeliness. According to her, the college will cater to prospective medical practitioners. She also said that the country’s health sector will be improved as a result of the project’s establishment.

In the meantime, Dr. Frank Anthony, Minister of Health, claimed that Guyana’s government has been working on expanding healthcare in the country rapidly. For that to be achieved, more doctors need to undergo training.

He claimed that there have been challenges in retaining the health care workforce, disclosing the plans to also expand the system in approximately four years. It is said that these plans also include the establishment of a number of hospitals in Guyana.