Guyana: Preliminary Work on the New Amsterdam Hospital in Progress

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While other preliminary work is progressing swiftly, clearing the land recently began at the site of the New Amsterdam Hospital, in Region Six. The cutting-edge facility is expected to cost up to US $161 million.

The two new, high-end medical facilities which are scheduled to be established in the ancient county are currently under construction. Regional Chairman Armogan provided reporters with this information during a recent interview.

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According to what he pointed out, the New Amsterdam hospital would be a three-storey building. It will have the latest equipment to provide new, cutting-edge services.

Services that would be offered by the New Amsterdam Hospital

The hospital, according to Armogan, would provide procedures like open heart surgery, kidney transplants, and other major surgeries that are not currently carried out in the region, as well as, to some extent, in Guyana.

A contract between the Ministry of Health and the company based in Austria, VAMED Engineering, was signed in July. This formalized the agreement for the construction of the New Amsterdam Hospital.

It is said that the foundation construction work for the new Number 75 Village Hospital is closing in on completion in keeping with the project timeline.

The Skeldon Hospital is expected to be replaced by the new facility. Sinopharm is carrying out the construction work, and by 2025, it should be completed.

In order to access healthcare, Armogan claims that these services will reduce the probability that individuals will need to travel to Georgetown or outside of the country.

The chairman made it clear that individuals with mental illnesses would also be served by the new facility. The dedication remains in place, even though the National Psychiatric Hospital is expected to close. In addition, he claimed that new wings would be added. Each of these wings could then accommodate mental patients.

The chairman believes that mental health patients will have access to the new hospital as well. As a result, they will not experience stigma. To help them recover in a more favorable environment and reintegrate into society, he added, they would simply have a more modern room for them.