Haigh’s Chocolates Invests $130 Million to Double Chocolate Production Capacity

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Haigh’s Chocolates reveals a massive $130 million chocolate production plant in support of South Australia as a confectionary centre. Obviously, this is huge news for any chocolate lover.

The new Salisbury South development will double Haigh’s annual chocolate production capacity 2,000 tonnes. After over 100 years of chocolate-making heritage, Haigh’s is embarking on its largest ever infrastructure investment. With two times more velvety smooth chocolate flowing from expanded production lines, they’ll finally meet runaway consumer demand.

However, it’s not just about volume. The high-tech facility provides a launching pad for Haigh’s strategic growth ambitions. Interstate markets and new product ranges beckon.

Supporting the high-tech kit will be custom mechanical handling solutions and automation to keep the chocolate flowing 24/7. Plus there are specialised climate control and air filtration systems critical for ensuring perfect conditions for shell-moulding and enrobing.

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Haigh’s to Turbocharge Chocolate Production Capacity

Purpose-built equipment takes center stage in the 15,000m2 complex. We’re talking specialized European machinery for precision chocolate making, costing $36 million alone. From tempering and moulding to packing stations, it’ll be a sweet technician’s paradise.

Of course, someone has to mind all those whirring chocolate machines. Haigh’s expects to accommodate 400 employees on-site once fully operational, including 150 new manufacturing roles. More chocolate experts means more tantalizing creations in the future.

The 2-year construction timeline is now ticking, with early earthworks underway. By mid-2025, the facility will open its doors, primed to propel Haigh’s chocolate production into a new era.

For Haigh’s family company, who have already employed over 800 staff across multiple sites, this marks their largest ever infrastructure investment. After 108 years of chocolate making, they’re clearly not content to rest on their laurels.

Whilst Haigh’s famous Adelaide premises continues grinding out small batch artisan chocolate, this new facility represents an evolutionary leap. With cutting edge scale and technology, Australia’s homemade giant chocolate is now out of the box.

So while we wait patiently for the doors to open, it looks like South Australia’s confectionery credentials just got a major boost.