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Helium One Tanzania Drilling Project informed all investors that drilling was resuming in the country after the repair of the rig was done thus resuming the Tai-3 well program to go on to attain a depth of 1,100 meters as planned. The drilling at the well resumed on Sunday 15 October according to the company.

Bigger part of the Helium One Team, have been pushing very hard in order to troubleshoot and get a solution for the issue whereby they had to acquire a replacement part from the United States of America and repair the rig in order to get it to function.

Tanzania contains a helium reserve of approximately 1.5 billion cubic meters . This discovery was made by Helium One and Oxford University where the two institutions got to announce the presence of the large deposit of the gas after they conducted a research in the country.

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Helium One Tanzania Drilling Project Next Well

Currently, civil works are underway for the preparation of the next well of the company, Itumbula-C, which is anticipated to be finished. Before the wet season starts, it is expected that the Tai-3 reservoirs will be drilled and be evaluated before moving the rig. The Helium One Ltd drilling program has set up a target of many reservoirs that contain a portable mass spectrometer in the respective site so as to get the measurements and make validations of helium gas that will be encountered.

Helium One Tanzania Drilling Project began its operations on 25th September of the year 2023 where all the drilling equipment, staff and third party services were put on site. The drilling contractor of the Helium One project in Tanzania is Mitchell Drilling Limited. Mitchell Drilling Limited possesses more than 50 years of drilling experience. The company was given the responsibility of upgrading the rig in order to increase its capacity and drilling power to the gas exploration campaign.