Henkel Company in Tuzla Achieves Zero Carbon Neutrality Project

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Henkel Company in Tuzla has achieved its Zero Carbon Neutrality project as this target marks a very big milestone in the achievements of the company to becoming climate friendly in all its activities and operations by the year 2030.

The technology plant site found in Chennai, India and the one in Tuzla have risen to become the very first facilities of Henkel across the India, Middle East and region of Africa to be able to attain carbon neutrality. This was indicated in one of the statements of the company.

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The transition to emitting zero carbon particles was reached at the plant in Tuzla by obtaining electricity from the renewable resources which are on and offsite. The achievement was also enhanced by the company opting to deploy energy solutions which are quite efficient like the LED lighting and use of natural lighting.

Henkel Company in Tuzla Aims to Inspire others to attain Zero Carbon Neutrality

Being able to become carbon neutral at the plant in Tuzla, the Henkel company in Tuzla now has covered the first and second scope protocol of the Greenhouse Gas (GhG). Henkel Company now foresees to transform all of its production sites by the year 2030 to be sourcing and obtaining their energy from sources that are renewable. This is deemed to enable the company to reduce using fossil fuels through implying of developed technology.

Simon Ulmann who is the VP operations and supply chain in IMEA stated that it is indeed a great achievement to be one of the very first Henkel sites found in the IMEA regions to be able to attain carbon neutrality. Furthermore, he pointed out that it was their hope to inspire all their customers, the partners and stakeholders involved to join them in the journey of reducing emissions of carbon and impact positively climate change.