India’s Eastern Freight Corridor Unveils 2023 Milestone Goals

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India’s Eastern Freight Corridor (EDFC) has officially unveiled its milestone goal, targeting completion by the end of 2023. An official statement further said that the Indian Railways plans to operationalize up to 1,300 route kilometers of the road development soon. 

According to a press release, a 538-kilometer route section got proposed to be developed under a PPP model, as part of the project. Thus far, track linking work along the Sannagar-Ludhiana stretch was complete on 2nd August. Furthermore, official reports state that over 77% of the road development project got commissioned by June-end. Currently, it’s developing a route spanning 1,337 kilometers, that passes through Sahneal in Punjabi. The road also crosses through Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. Thereafter, it concludes at Sannagar which is within Bihar. 

As a whole, the EDFC is said to contribute to the improvement of limestone transportation from Rajashthan down to steel plants, in the east. Furthermore, the stretch will also expedite the transportation of fertilizers, cement, as well as finished steel, and food grains. 

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India’s Eastern Freight Corridor Massive Network 

India’s Eastern Freight Corridor stretches 1,873 kilometers in total. It crosses six states namely, Haryana (72 kilometers), Punjab (89 kilometers), and Bihar (239 kilometers). In Uttar Pradesh, it stretches 1,078 kilometers while in Jharkhand it extends for 195 kilometers. Lastly, in West Bengal, the stretch spans 203 kilometers.  

As a whole, the EDFC comprises two distinct and unique segments. The first stands as an electrified double-track stretch that runs from Dankuni in West Bengal to Khurja in Uttar Pradesh, along 1,409 kilometers. Meanwhile, the second distinct segment covers 447 kilometers, traversing Ludhiana (Dhandarikalan) as well as Khurja and Dadri.

The Managing Director of Dedicated Freight Corridor Corp Ltd highlighted that 90% of the dedicated freight corridor (DFC) tracks will be ready in 2023, Ravindra Kumar Kain further stated that about 2,750 route kilometers of both the Western and Easter DFC will soon be ready.